Greenshoots Productions Branding

Greenshoots Productions branding for this full-service production company based in Amsterdam.

Their business is built upon a strong reputation for getting the job done, no matter how complex or last minute the request. From permits to planes, helicopters to hairdressers, they deliver the goods for their clients.

We worked with them to distill the essence of their business into a brand that reflected both their work ethos and the space they operate within. As most of their target market is made up of visually-savvy people from the worlds of film, TV and advertising, they needed a bold look that would stand out in the competitive world of Amsterdam based production companies.

For Greenshoots Productions branding we created a simple, yet bold logo that functioned as both wordmark and a foundation to talk about their countless strengths. Using the ON of productions we created numerous statements that supported their ethos and commitment to their clients.


Main logo

Secondary logo for social media

Switched ON

ON top of things

Turned ON

Business cards